Oregon Attorney General Hardy Myers filed a stipulated general judgment in Marion County Circuit Court on October 25, 2007 with ACE Group Holdings, Inc. and its subsidiaries in which ACE agreed to pay $4.5 million to a group of eight state AGs in settlement of antitrust claims.  The case alleged improper, fictitious quoting and steering of insurance businesses in the commercial insurance market, orchestrated by Marsh & McLennan of New York. According to the press release issued by the Oregon AG, the scheme devised by broker Marsh & McLennan gave commercial policyholders the illusion of a legitimate competitive bidding process on policies while Marsh had secretly pre-designated certain insurers to win bids, but the results for the policyholders were actually inflated rates, not competitive bids.   Prior to the settlement, ACE paid out compensation for overcharges to a nationwide group of policyholders and adopted significant business reforms that govern its bidding and underwriting practices.